Welcome to the Mt. Horeb Gymnastics website!

     My name is Jason McMahon, Mt. Horeb Gymnastics Class of '96, but more importantly, Katy's big brother.  (That's the two of us to the left).  A couple of years ago at a gymnastics meet, LouAnn asked me if I could give her some pointers on how to start up a website for the gymnastics team.  Martha was standing nearby, and before I could say anything, she said "Wait 'til next year, and he'll probably do one for us when his sister's on the team."
     What can I say, she had me pegged.  When my sister entered high school two years ago and finally became a part of the Mt. Horeb Gymnastics team, it capped off a 10-year wait.  But just as much as she was looking forward to being on the team, I was looking forward to it as well, for it would bring me closer to the team that I was a part of for my final three years of high school (I somehow lucked into being a manager).
     I love my little sis.  I love Mt. Horeb Gymnastics -- its past, its present, its future, its history and tradition and everything it represents.  And I really like futzing around with computers.  So here I am, putting this website together, and here you are, reading my drivel.
So take a look at what we've got so far, and keep coming back as we continue to build our site.  If you are a Mt. Horeb Gymnast visiting this site, hopefully this only serves to enhance what will no doubt be one of the greatest experiences of your life.  If you are a Mt. Horeb Gymnastics fan, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support of our team.  For everyone, have fun, and above all else,



Katy and another big brother, Chris